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UniStrong E7737

UniStrong E7737 is a rugged smartphone with DGNSS support. With DGNSS solution, E7737 GNSS positioning accuracy is greatly improved from the consumer grade performance ( 15 - 20 meters accuracy) to industrial grade performance ( 1 meter or less accuracy). DGNSS enabled E7737 is cost effective and handy tool for 1-meter grade positioning, such as GIS mapping, land administration, survey and engineering assistance, and etc. 


E7737 is powered by Qualcomm quad-core CPU, supports LTE, 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, and NFC communications. It is also featured with high precision GNSS solution with external antenna support. The 13M/2M camera system allows user to capture high quality photo image in the field. By considering the industrial needs, E7737 supports detachable battery, which allow the user to keep the device running just by switching a battery. Hard keys with just fit size allows the user to activate desired software easily with gloved hand.


E7737 is perfect 1-meter grade GNSS positioning and communication tool for construction, electricity, water, gas, facility management, and logistics companies.

Key Features:
  • Qualcomm Quad-Core 1.6GHz CPU
  • Android 4.3
  • WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC
  • High Precision GNSS with DGNSS Solution and   
          External GPS Antenna Supported
  • 2G RAM, 16G ROM
  • Rear Camera:
          13M Pixel with Auto Focus and Flash,
  • Front Camera: 2M Pixel
  • 5.3" Sunlight Readable, Wet / Gloved
  • Finger, 7 H Hardness, Multi-Touch Screen
  • IP67, 1.2M Drop Resistance
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to +60C
  • ESD:
          Air Discharge: +/-15KV,
          Direct Discharge: +/-8KV
  • Constructions:
        High Accuracy Location Based  eWork Flow 
        Management,  Project Status Reporting, On-Site   
        ERP, Emergency Management
  • Power, Water and Utilities:
       Pipe and Line Mapping and GIS Management,
       Location Sensitive eWork Flow Management,
       On-Site ERP, Emergency Management,
       Project Status Reporting.
  • Logistics:
        High Accuracy Location Based ePoD, Fleet
  • Government:
        Location Sensitive Law Enforcement
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