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Adlink EOS 4000

ADLINK' s EOS-4000 is a rugged, compact embedded vision system, with 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processor, dual independent PoCL (power over Camera Link) ports with data transfer up to 2.56 Gb/s, and pixel clock rates up to 85 MHz for high speed capture of large images. Computing power and connectivity are significantly enhanced, with minimal footprint.

The EOS-4000 supports a 2-CH PoCL Camera Link® base configuration, reducing cabling burdens and eliminating the need for external power adapters. In addition, the EOS-4000 supports 64-bit memory addressing, benefiting large address space vision applications.

The EOS-4000' s rich I/O capability includes trigger and encoder input and two independent RS-232 serial communication ports, reducing host computer loading. 64 isolated digital I/O connectors, digital filter, dual storage, internal USB port, and 1 kbit programmable EEPROM all ideally equip the EOS-4000 to integrate, deploy, and manage copy protection or authentication of software licenses for system development, further accelerating time to market.

Combining increased computing power with multi-channel connectivity and a ready-to-deploy application platform, the EOS-4000 delivers embedded vision ideally suited for high-speed and large image machine vision applications.

Key Features:
  • Compact, rugged system design

  • Embedded 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i5/i7 Quad Core CPU

  • 2-CH PoCL, base Camera Link® configuration

  • One internal USB port and 1kbit EEPROM

  • RAID system (Dual SATA interface)

  • 64-CH isolation DI/O with digital filter

  • Support for wall and DIN rail mounting (optional)

  • Hardware monitoring of temperature, voltage, and watchdog timer


Barcode, OCV/OCR and Defect Inspection

Manufacturing processes utilizing machine vision technology such as 2D code readers, label inspection, OCV (optical character verification), and pattern matching are significantly advantageous, improving production yield and automatic identification and resolution of manufacturing problems on the line. Simultaneous multi-camera execution of these tasks delivers a cost-effective solution, reducing total cost of ownership. As environments grow, effective production and quality control management benefit considerably from ready-to-deploy systems providing quick and worry-free inspection access to all areas, and efficient synchronization of the multi-camera array.

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