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Our products are tools to help our industrial users improving their work efficiency.

​We provide range of industrial application centric designed devices for Constructions, Facilities Management, GIS, Logistics, Manufacturing and Government. Our products have been adopted by leading companies in Hong Kong and APAC Region. Please click the product lines below to know more about our products.

Rugged Smartphones / Tablets

A1 front n back_edited.png

Rugged is just the basic feature of our rugged smartphones and tablets. In addition to rugged design, our rugged smartphones and tablets are specially designed to address vertical industries' needs. The devices are extremely easy to use, and flexible to expand hardware features.

Please click the links below to learn more about our devices:

​Rugged Smartphones:

​- Nilamtec A1

- Cat S61

​​- UniStrong E7738A1

- UniStrong E7737

Rugged Tablets

​- Nilamtec T1

- Adlink IMT-BT

Mobile / Industrial Computers

iData 70-2.png

iData mobile computer is clear choice for a variety of industrial applications, featuring the Android operating system and a compact housing for easy transport. Near Field Communication (NFC), a barcode scanner, and wireless capability improve real-time information delivery and fulfill a host of industrial requirements on the application level. iData is perfect for use in retail channels, logistics, onsite inspection, warehousing, transportation, and many other environments.


Adlink's Fanless PC and IoT Gateway are rugged design which provides reliable performance in mission-critical harsh environments. Outstanding network optimization capability easily meets and exceeds customer needs, make it an ideal match for intelligent transportation and factory automation applications.


Please click the links below to learn more about the devices:



Mobile Computers:


- iData 50

- iData 70

- iData 80


Industrial Computers:


- Adlink MXE 5500 Series

- Adlink MXE 1300 Series

- Adlink IoT Gateway

Facial Recognition / AI Solution

Facial Recognition / Machine Vision

Our facial recognition solutions are specially developed for construction site management. The solutions are able to be operated in the harsh environment of construction sites for the applications, such as entrance gate control, site monitoring, in-the-field worker identity spot check.

Our machine vision solutions are featured with high speed camera, high speed computing platform, Industry 4.0 compliance I/O and support third party application software.

Please click the links below to learn more about our products:

​- Server Based Facial Recognition Solution

- Nilamtec A1 Based Facial Recognition  


- Smart Camera

- Camera Link

- GigE Vision


CF_20082018_05_HiRes (002).jpg

We offer rang of IoT solutions based on Sigfox and other technologies. Our solutions are flexible to be configured to fit for different industrial applications.

Our solution is characterized by compact in size, long battery life, support various sensing solutions, which includes, but not limited to temperature, humidity, CO2 and motion detection.

Please click the links below for the product information:

​- Nilamtec Connected AQ3

- Nilamtec Connected MD1

GNSS Positioning

Nilamtec T1.png

We offer range of GNSS positioning devices in smartphone and tablet form factor. Our devices support various GNSS constellation, such as GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo. Our solutions also support various correction services, such as DGNSS and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK), to provide sub-meter grade to centimeter grade accuracy. Our products are cost effective and handy tools for GIS, Construction, Environmental Protection and Smart City applications.

Please click the links below to know more about our products and solutions:

-        Nilamtec A1P

-        Nilamtec T1P

-        Nilamtec T1F

Professional Accessories

We offer extensive range of professional accessories, which include, mobile printer, bluetooth speaker, earphone, GNSS antenna, for industrial applications.


Please click the links below for the product information.

​- TCS Mobile Printer

- Push-to-talk supported Bluetooth Speaker

- Push-to-talk supported Bluetooth headset

- Push-to-talk supported wired headset

- External GPS/Beidou antenna for


- USB cable for rugged smartphone

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