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Strobus (Far East) Limited is founded by a team of well experienced technology business professionals. Specialized in professional devices, Strobus carries industrial grade mobile computers, tablets, mobile printers, mobile phones, RFID tracking solution, and accessories.  To meet the special industrial requirements for our users, we do also provide customer centric solutions for various industries, which include logistics, constructions, transportations, government.  

To ensure our offer is the best of the best solutions, we adopt alliance strategies. Strobus is highly focus on hardware devices. We strive to make our product to be best fit for our professional user in the aspects of technological innovation, product design, quality, reliability, and cost. Through our strategic alliance programs, we collaborate with our partners to provide highest customer value solutions to our customers. We work with local academic, R&D institutes to make sure our technologies are up-to-date, we work with trade associations to make sure that we understand the market needs and trends, we work with our application software partners to provide turnkey solution to our end users.

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